ngNepal — The conference you should participate

Pankaj Parkar
3 min readSep 2, 2019

Asp Net Community arranged Angular conference Nepal 2nd edition on 31st August 2019. Alok Pandey sir and his team took great efforts to make all arrangements perfect before conference. Approximately the audience count was 150.

We started the conference with keynote session by Stephen Fluin (from Angular Core Team). He gave a brief idea about current progress and upcoming things about Framework. Huge thanks to him that he manages to give video session his late night. That’s one of the reason I love Angular team.

After the keynote session, we continued our talks as per schedule. I started the my first talk in between on “What is new in Angular 8”. In this talk I have spoken about the new features arrived in Angular 8 like differential loading, import lazy loading, ivy and bazel opt-in support, custom builder, etc. It was nice experience all together.

What is new in Angular 8

I gave talk on “Craft your own custom form control”. It was totally based on what is the need of custom form control, and how one can create a custom form control reusable component that can be used in template and model driven from fluently. Interestingly I did some live coding 😉

Craft your own custom form control

Also we had below sessions by industry top experts

  1. “Change Detection in Angular” by Dhananjay Kumar
  2. “Create enterprise angular apps to the cloud” by Sajeetharan
  3. “State Management with Angular using NgRx” by Sagar Maharjan
  4. “Benefits of E2E and Unit Testing” by Ashim Karki
  5. “Javascript is Fun” by Dhananjay Kumar

The #ngNepal ended with Q & A with speakers followed by felicitation of speaker by Alok Pandey ji.

Speakers Q & A

It was nice end with group picture of attendees, speaker, event and management team.

ngNepal common group photo

As a part of Angular community, I‘d recommend you to be part of this ngNepal conference as speaker or attendee. As a attendee, you would see extra ordinary content will be presented by top industry speakers. As a speaker, attendees willingness to learn would encourage you to deliver the best version.

Special thanks to Alok Pandey, SeeLogic and Dhananjay Kumar for making all arrangement perfect to make this conference successful. Looking forward for next ngNepal 2020. Hoping that we would cover core and advanced content next time.